About the Book

b1 (4)A boy seeks answers: Will he find them?

When one seeks answers to life’s biggest questions, where does he or she go to find them? A young boy never thought that a Scout Master would provide him the opportunity to experience new adventures to help him find the truths he sought.

Author weaves an interesting fiction of how one boy goes on an exciting adventure to find answers to some lifelong questions in this coming-of-age story, “Skipper”, by author Craig B. Bass.

Follow a boy’s wonderful new experiences from Central Florida to the Gulf of Mexico in this coming-of-age story, “Skipper”, by author Craig B. Bass.

In this captivating novel, the author introduces a boy from Central Florida in the 1950’s, who seeks to know the truth about God and religion, sexual awakenings, love, friendship, hate, and betrayal. His boring and uninteresting life is transported into a magical life of excitement and adventure through explorations of rural ranch life, fishing in remote lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico.

A Scout Master provides the opportunity of a lifetime for these wonderful new experiences, but is there too big of a price to pay? Only the boy can answer this question as he seeks the truth in “Skipper”.